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Client Feedback

I had a complicated sale and Colette and Anja were outstanding partners in navigating all of the challenges involved. They were incredibly responsive to my many questions and concerns. When they didn't know answers, they consulted experts or did research so as to ensure the best possible outcome.  I'm going to miss working with both of them now that the sale is final!

Nancy M.

My wife and I worked with Anja & Colette to purchase a home in Oakland and would highly recommend them to others! We had a very specific type of property we were looking for (fixer upper, large backyard) within a very small area (Lower Rockridge/Temescal and 10min walking distance to BART). Based on historical sales, we knew few properties matched our criteria. Enter Anja & Colette. They were patient and quickly zeroed in on what we were looking for, frequently sending us listings -- sometimes for properties which were not even officially on the market yet. Our work schedules didn’t always allow us to make it to the East Bay for traditional open houses, but Anja & Colette were always accommodating, showing us properties during the week and early on weekends when necessary. Even though we were very selective in what we wanted, there was never pressure to put an offer in or go higher than our comfort level when bidding. When our dream home eventually came on the market, we knew it was going to be a hot commodity with many offers. We ended up having to put an offer together with only 8 hours notice (as another buyer pre-emptively put one in a week before offers were due), and while this was understandably stressful, both Anja & Colette were extremely responsive. They coordinated the entire process with us and our mortgage broker, and by 6pm the same day we had our entire offer package together and submitted to the seller. Two hours later we had an accepted offer for the exact house we wanted -- something we could not have done without them! Anja & Colette continue to be extremely helpful even after closing, helping us coordinate various details before move-in and putting us in touch with recommended contractors (for the various bits of “fixing-up” our new place requires). If you are on the hunt for an East Bay home, we highly recommend working with Anja & Colette!

Adam F.

I couldn’t be happier with any realtors than I am with Anja Plowright and Colette Ford. They came highly recommended, and the recommendations were no exaggerations. They assessed my house, suggested what I needed to do, then hired the contractors to do the work. In the end, my house was beautiful. They arranged to paint the house, redo the floors, remodel the kitchen, change the lights fixtures and finally stage the house. The work was fantastic and seamlessly done. In the end, I got multiple offers and the house sold for a higher price than they predicted. Most importantly, Anja, Colette and their wonderful assistant Rena were warm and supportive throughout the process. They helped turn an extremely stressful time into an exciting and interesting experience. I am so glad I followed their suggestions.

Marjory K.

My wife and I worked with Anja and Colette to buy our first home in Berkeley, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have had them as our agents. We set out with fairly picky needs, a strict budget, and no real estate experience in an incredibly competitive market. Anja and Colette worked to deeply understand what our requirements were, kept us looking at great places, and were honest about our chances when we needed it. They offered clear, knowledgeable opinions about homes we looked at, but never tried to pressure us into an offer. They were our best advocates throughout the process. We were also constantly impressed with the regard others in the field hold them in – they are deeply respected and connected in a business that runs on these relationships. We'd recommend them highly to any new buyer.

Zach S.

Anja and Colette were recommended to me by my business partner and I knew right away that they were going to be excellent. The process of buying a house was long, tenuous and stressful but both of them made it a easier on both me and my wife. First of all they are so well respected in the market that dropping their name helped the sellers agent know that you are a serious buyer. Then, their instincts about where the price would end up at were always so very accurate that we decided to forgo doing our own research and follow their lead on how to place the offers. They were very upfront about our chances of winning an offer too and worked with us to really understand the value we put on different types of properties. In the end after making 6 unsuccessful offers we were able to get the house of our dreams thanks to them. We are very very happy with our purchase and I am glad to say we didn't feel like we were compromising on anything which is rare in buying anything let alone a house. Anja and Colette are very upfront, straight forward but supportive and are some of the best business people I have had a chance to work with. They are excellent agents and we will be so happy to recommend them to anyone who's in the market

Prayag N.

Anja and Colette is an amazing team! From the first email contact to the last second of closing, they were right by our side with their expertise, excellent advice and professionalism. We received 13 incredible offers and closed in 10 days. Beyond our wildest expectations thanks to the dynamic duo! Thanks again Anja and Colette!

Wuin H.

To say Anja and Collette are real estate superstars in the Berkeley/Oakland area is a massive understatement.  They know everyone, know the market incredibly well, and are beyond persistent, focused, and patient--key qualities in this hyper-competitive market.  

We moved from the East Coast (NYC--where buying is actually easier) to Berkeley about a year ago.  We worked with another agent for a while and found that we were getting no where.  We were then referred to Anja and Collette.  It was like night and day.  Their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism far exceeds any other agent's we know.  

We are very, very picky people, with crazy schedules between 2 jobs and 2 kids.  They accommodated most every request we had to view homes (99% of the time we viewed alone with our agents--we really didn't like going to crowded open houses!).  We put in 4 offers with this team, and I have no doubt they went to bat for us and did the best they could each and every time.  They worked incredibly fast and efficiently, turning offers some times within a day, and once even while we were abroad!

We finally "won" a home that we love--and beat out about a dozen other offers, thanks to Anja and Collette's guidance (which is critical) in the last few hours leading to finalizing our bid.

And even after we purchased the home, Anja and Collette were more than happy to help us find contractors, and show the home to contractors, in anticipation of some big renovations we hope to undertake. Anja even watched our kids while we spoke with contractors!

The icing on the cake?  They had the home cleaned, with a bottle of champagne and 2 stuffed animals for our kids, waiting for us on our move day.  They are all class.

If you're looking in Berkeley/Oakland, look no further.  Seriously.

Meg C.

We had a great experience working with Anja and Colette. They know the market very well and guided us to invest just the right amount, but not more than necessary, in preparing the house for sale. They were able to accomodate my brother and my very distinct communication styles graciously and  patiently. I can recommend them highly. 

Rachel B.

This was my first time selling a property so I had never had a listing agent before. I was quite wary and not sure I wanted to work with sellers agents but my sister and I picked Anja and Colette after interviewing many others. Part of my decision to work with them was that we would get two  agents working for us and that worked out very well. Our sale went very smoothly and Anja & Colette went beyond what they said they would do. Colette and Anja handled our Rockridge sale with class and worked with my sister and I to prepare the house and guide us with what we really needed to do and what we didn't. In the end we got a very good price and a very smooth sale. I couldn't have had a better experience so I recommend them very highly and would give my trust to them again.

Treven B.

We just completed our third transaction with Anja and Colette, and experienced nothing like what Mike B describes.  They have now helped us buy a home twice and sell one over a span of 6 years. In this very difficult market where speed is of the essence, they never missed a deadline or a meeting.  Their different, yet compatible personalities helped provide contrasting thoughts and idea. Most important of all, they really got a sese of what we would like and made great recommendations.  When they helped us sell a home in 2007, their advice protected us from the crashing housing market at the time and saved us tens of thousands of dollars.  When we recently returned to the Bay Area they helped us buy a beautiful house in what is now decidedly a sellers market.  The house we purchased was only the 2nd house we bid on. They knew what we liked, and how to put together a strong offer.  After the offer was accepted,  we closed in less than 3 weeks.  I would not hesitate to use them again.

Jonathan W.

We just completed a home purchase with Anja and Colette in a very difficult buyers' market.  New to the area, we came across Anja through a cold inquiry into a property.  On first speaking with Anja and then meeting in person, and having previously bought a home in a different market with a different agent, she struck us as extremely competent, knowledgeable of, and connected to, the local market.  Importantly, we had the impression that she would be honest to deliver candid feedback in this tough environment to buy.  Thankfully, as we established our relationship over a number of months these first impressions were 100% validated.  I should also add that as I inquired through my colleagues and friends into the Oakland/Berekely area, a surprising number of them directly or indirectly knew of Anja and Colette and affirmed extremely strong reputations for them both.  Anja and Colette are connected to the neighborhoods they operate in, not just as realtors, but as members of the community.  The number of times we were with Anja and people stopped her to chat was validation again of our choice of agent.

Prospective  clients should be aware that Anja and Colette work as a team, and they do so seamlessly.  As much as I value client service 24/7, I also feel it is right and reasonable that agents can get to enjoy weekends every now and then.  I mention this because at the point we were writing our fourth and ultimately successful offer, Anja was touring colleges with her eldest daughter.  We might have been upset by the timing of this were it not for the fact that Colette stepped right in and even though we hadn't had much exposure to her, she was wonderful to work with and we felt the whole process was seamless between Anja and Colette.   It goes without saying that buying a house is an emotional roller coaster and as I think about the attributes I would want in an agent, having someone who understands buyer & seller wants,  who doesn't try to oversell every opportunity, who has the strength and honesty to provide appropriate market feedback, and who has the patience to stay vested for the duration of what are often long processes, I think these traits are instilled in Anja and Colette.  While I'm not anticipating selling our beutiful new family home anytime soon, should that point come I would first call Anja and Colette.

Nick T.

Ours was a quick offer in a heated market where overbids are common. Anja was on top of the transaction from the beginning and helped us anticipate what we needed to do,and evaluate what we wanted to do, before we took each step. After owning 8 homes in 3 states, she is the most thorough and gracious agent I have ever worked with.

Whitney G.

Colette and Anja, sold two properties for me. They are very professional, and only had my interest in mind. They make a great team. They are very honest and direct about what it will take to sell your home, and they deliver ! - Just do exactly what they say, and you can't go wrong. They are also very fun to work with, and make a stressful situation seem so easy!

Jim R.

Fantastic! Both Anja and Colette went above and beyond for us. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. They work as a tag team, which means extremely attentive and amazing service. The market is high-speed here and they were always on top of everything. We had a complicated search and were both traveling regularly throughout the process, but their hard work and dedication to getting us settled really showed through! They worked with us closely throughout the entire process (including long after the offer was accepted) and we are so grateful.

L. M.

My wife and I bought a house with Anja and Colette in May 2013. Embarrassingly, they were our third agent. They proved to be both friendly and hard-working and we benefited from the reputation they have within their industry. Our fourth offer with them was accepted. Then they helped us negotiate a substantial price reduction during escrow. We appreciated the knowledge and finesse they showed through the process.

Scott B.

Simply put: this team is a perfect example of the highest professional excellence. They are experienced, and scrupulous about details; they skillfully and knowledgeably guide the process from beginning to end in the least stressful way possible to negotiate the best possible deal. They know the market. They're not only reliable and hardworking, trustworthy and smart -- they are also available at a moment's notice and they return calls immediately, always offering to go that extra mile -- with enthusiasm. I was able to close on my dream house in a highly competitive market, where I was competing against many other strong offers. I never felt I wasted any of my time --  Anja is intuitive and understood exactly what I was looking for in a house. They are on top of it -- responsive, caring and impeccable about seeing the transaction through from start to finish.

Robin O.

Anja and Colette are consummate professionals. They know their stuff, are easy to work with, well connected in the area and drive to the finish line without being too pushy. I would work with them again, if I ever needed another home.

Theodore L.

Interest, Professionalism, Knowledge of the Market, Appearance, Demeanor, Courtesy, Patience, and above all The Ability to Listen; These are all qualities that my fiancée and I look for when searching for a real estate agent.

We spent a total of a year looking for the right home, here in North Berkeley. Two months of that time were spent dealing with an agent who had none of the qualities that I described in the above. - We asked friends who they were using for their real estate needs and gratefully, we were referred to Anja Plowright. 

Upon meeting with Anja, our first impression was that she was extremely interested in her profession. She presented herself with care, professionalism, and elegance. We spent our first meeting just getting to know each other. We were instantly taken with her ability to listen to what we had to say about our needs and concerns. We especially appreciated that Anja is originally from Europe and has a very professional, yet very personable European mindset, which is [to us] so valuable in dealing with a person who is in the real estate profession. She also had a fantastic ability to read into specifics with respect to the style of home that we were looking for. And considering the market at the time that we were looking, we were indeed a little bit challenging for any agent to take on.

All of these qualities that Anja possesses really aided us in the search for our home. - For the next eight months Anja was beyond patient as we looked at many, many houses none of which seemed to 'fit just right.' - We even put in a bid on two properties that Anja showed us, only to have our bids outbid by other interested parties who had a lot more money than we did. - Admittedly, we got a bit discouraged, thinking perhaps we might not be able to find what we were looking for, and worried that perhaps we might be seen as being 'difficult' or 'too picky' in that we were having so much trouble finding what we were looking for in the price range that we could afford. We addressed these issues with Anja and she was quick to put us at ease, reassuring us that we were hardly being 'picky.' - Patience is truly a virtue, and we really appreciated that quality in her. After about six months, her partner, Colette Ford, entered the picture and began assisting us more closely in partnership with Anja. Colette was fantastic. She all of the characteristics that Anja does; they compliment each other as professional partners, perfectly. 

The perseverance and commitment [to finding the right house] that Anja and Colette displayed ultimately paid off, as they found us a great home in the exact location that we were looking to live. I say 'great' because the house, though very nice, was not perfect. However, it had *huge* potential that we could read immediately upon seeing it for the first time. The sale transaction process was seamless, and drama-free. Since the sale, we've spent a great deal of time and money remodeling the house in a way that makes us very, very happy homeowners.

Throughout the entire home-buying process, Anja and Colette were a joy to work with. We can't think of one negative thing to say about them. They treated us like the best of friends, putting our interests first, and were always committed to being there for us during the process as well as after. 

5 Stars, for sure. We *highly* recommend them to anyone looking for quality real estate agents. We're quite sure that if and when we decide to sell and/or purchase another home, they will be the only agents we use.

David P.

We could not have asked for a better team to work with in purchasing our first home. We went into our first meeting with Colette and Anja with a very prescriptive list of our must haves and nice to haves and what we thought was the neighborhood we wanted to live in. With their expertise, Colette and Anja recommended another neighborhood we had overlooked and amazingly met every item on our wish list. Throughout our house hunt, they were extremely responsive and consultative. They work seamlessly together to provide great service for their clients. When we went through the offer process, Colette and Anja were extremely thorough and provided an excellent guidance on our bid. Their goal was to not let us pay more than we needed to especially in this competitive market and that's exactly what happened. We are thrilled that we now have our dream house. Look no further- this is the team to go with!

Mike L.

Anja and Colette deftly guided us through the process of purchasing our home. Anja, in particular, spent hours upon hours with us over the course of several months, searching for just the right place, helping us to hone our application, and provided much needed support. She is a direct, no nonsense person and gave us honest advice, a rare trait in our experience. Highly recommended.


If you are looking to buy or list your house I highly recommend Anja Plowright and Colette Ford.  They are so wonderful to work with, as they are incredibly motivated to get their clients exactly what they want, without wasting time, but they are also the kindest women.  We felt as if they were family, with the amount of attention they gave us, and how they held our hand along the way (we did not know what we were doing!). 

My husband and I first became acquainted with Anja and Colette about three years ago when we began looking for a home to buy.  They were incredibly helpful finding listings for us that satisfied our needs.  After we began looking, we went into full blown wedding mode, and finding a house was not quite our priority.  Anja and Colette were very patient with us during this time, and did not show any signs of frustration at our lack of motivation.  They continued to send us listings, and stay in touch with us.  

After our wedding we were more than ready to find a house, and find a house we did!  Anja and Colette found us the best house we had seen thus far.  We immediately wanted to make an offer, and Anja and Colette promptly helped us every step of the way, not only to get the house, but to get it for an amazing price.  We are a young couple and this is our first home.  The support Anja and Colette gave us was so helpful, and we know we would not have been in this beautiful home without them.  

Now, two years later, it has been drawn to our attention that houses in our area are selling for quite a bit more than we paid for our home, and if we were to sell, we could make a pretty penny.  As soon as we told Anja and Colette that we were interested in exploring this idea, they were, of course, right on top of it.  They came to our home with more information than we could have ever expected and walked us through the next steps, the best time for us to sell, what upgrades we should make, etc.  They are getting us very excited and are being so supportive of our decision.  They will be listing the house in the fall... after that I shall yelp, so you can all hear about how wonderful they are as listing agents! 

I cannot recommend them enough.  They will surely make the buying or listing of your home enjoyable, easy and fun.  Yes, they seriously make it fun.

Erin L.

My husband and I recently sold our home and are so happy that we chose Anja and Colette as our agents. They are fabulous! From our first contact, they were amazingly responsive. They also brought total integrity to all of their dealings with us. They knew the market inside and out, and worked diligently to guide us on needed improvements to prepare our house for sale without wasting time on unnecessary changes that were not likely to add value. Anja and Colette know what matters most to buyers, and focus sellers' attention on that. 

Anja and Colette did tremendous research to identify properties that really were comparable, and continued to update their analysis up to the day our house was listed for sale to determine an appropriate listing price. Anja and Colette also worked beautifully as a team, which helped since we felt one of them was always available to answer a question (or calm a frayed nerve--selling one's home can be overwhelming!). They are very well connected with a wide range of trades people, so whatever needs to be done, they have a recommendation.

In addition to our outstanding experience with Anja and Colette as agents and individuals, we also felt very well cared for with Grubb as the broker. They arranged for an excellent stager to prepare our house for sale, who was delightful to work with and transformed the space. Grubb also put substantial effort into marketing the property, and we are sure the market exposure was greater than it would have been with other firms.

We can't recommend Anja and Colette highly enough. You will begin the process of selling your home working with them as real estate professionals, and end up with new friends. What a wonderful experience!

Holly B.

Selling our beloved home of 16 years was difficult but Collette and Anja were so supportive and efficient and lovely--we are forever thankful to have found them. And I have already recommended them to many friends!

Saskia V.

My wife Megan and I embarked on the move from the East Coast to Berkeley and got referred to Collete and Anja to buy in the area. Colette did a great job interacting with us initially remotely, giving us a detailed view of the market and being very patient as we literally looked at dozens of homes while we tried to get our bearings.

It took us over a year and a half to find the home we really wanted, and I really appreciated the patience and consistency that Colette and Anja had during this whole process. Once we found that home everyone moved incredibly quickly and we were able to get it in a very competitive market. We will easily use team again and recommend them to everyone we can.

Nabeel S.

Anja and Colette are always available to show you the place of your dreams or just the place of the day. We loved working with them; they are a seamless tag team. Honestly, I didn't know how great they were until after we were under contract and even closed.  They were are a resource and huge help in managing and surviving all the challenges that come after you have the house (eg, contractors!).  Would recommend in a heartbeat for those looking on Berkeley or Oakland.

David S.

I have been fortunate to work with both Anja and Colette on multiple transactions.  They are a power team!  

They are both honest advocates for their clients and extremely knowledgeable agents in Berkeley / Oakland area.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell in this area.  I appreciate how well organized and diligent they are...and they really do form an amazing team.  Kudos!

Brady T. (Mortgage Broker)

Great team. Professional. Get things done. Helped with the sale of our house in the Elmwood (which they understand deeply). Highly recommend.

Ken C.

My wife and I have worked with the Ford/Plowright Team for 10 years through 3 purchases and a sale, including homes for our son and his family. They are the ultimate professionals in every respect. They have strong knowledge of the Berkeley and Oakland real estate markets, and are diligent in pursuing their clients' interests, not afraid to say that a house found by us on the Internet would not work, and very thorough about every detail of a transaction. And they are great people. Anja and Colette are both delightful people, making a search to buy or a process to sell as fun as possible.

Henry D.

“Anja and Colette were tireless champions in my search. Their knowledge of the market and insight into the process allowed me to be optimistic in my search while having realistic and reasonable expectations. I have a new home and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and care they have provided.”

Tracy A.

“Colette and Anja are the best. They took us under their wings helped us navigate a tough market, finding the perfect house. Highly recommended!”

Andrew T.

“We engaged Anja and Colette to help us sell our Berkeley home. They were tremendously helpful – and patient – throughout the process. Some of their work that I most appreciated: –when bids were needed for house work they lined up multiple contractors, scheduled the visits for and consolidated the offers so that we could make quick decisions –they advertised the heck out of our house and it paid off –they were strong advocates on our behalf – when a terribly written offer was submitted, they told us but they didn’t show it to us until they’d had the potential buyer’s agent rewrite the offer to their standards (4 versions later…) They don’t take the easy way out, they do it right. As a result, we had a seamless experience selling our beloved home. Unfortunately, we moved to another state or we’d use them to buy our next dream home!”

Laurie W.

“Anja and Colette are the best. My wife and I have bought a few homes in the last decade and our experience working with these two was far better than any other I’ve had. Their attention to detail throughout the process was stunning, usually predicting our needs before we knew to ask. They’ve been working in the Eastbay for many years and have a deep knowledge of the area. They go above and beyond the call of duty looking into properties that haven’t come into the market yet giving you an advantage as a buyer. We can’t say enough kind things about them and hope you get the opportunity to work with them when you buy a home.”

Celsea J.

“Anja and Collette helped me sell my home in Oakland and the experience was fast and painless. They were both very knowledgable and organized. They helped me to understand how to prepare my home for sale without investing too much in time or money. They had it staged beautifully and we had offers coming in after only 2 weeks. They were very helpful in understanding selecting the right offer. I would highly recommend them!”

Joann P.

“My wife and I worked with Colette and Anja on our home purchase in the east bay. They were a delight to work with and very patient with us throughout the process. Never did we feel pressured by them. They were understanding, thorough, optimistic, and responsive in what for us was a major life decision. We also found them to be extremely well connected with the local brokerage community and held in high regards. Their credibility provided us instant legitimacy in the eyes of seller agents which is valuable in a highly competitive market.”

Ashminder S.

“I interviewed many realtor teams and Colette and Anja blew away the pack.  They were prepared, professional and upbeat throughout the entire emotional process of selling what many believed to be a challenging property. They listened to my needs and wants and stood firm to what they believed to be the best marketing strategy and in the end, they were right as we received 6 outstanding offers! I vote for Colette and Anja and highly recommend them if you are looking to buy or sell property in the East Bay!”

Catherine D.

“10 stars…Both Anja and Colette are the most thorough, responsible, conscientious, positive, and kindest realtors. They are so on top of the market and their knowledge is unequaled. We hit the market as it was going up again and found ourselves in an incredibly difficult and seriously insanely competitive place. We had to bid on a quickly rising market and suffered the fear of never getting our home. Anja and Colette never gave up and persevered through our own fears and mistakes. I can’t imagine having anyone more knowledgeable, connected, thoughtful and hard-working as these two people.
They guided us with true kindness and care, but it was their attention and smarts that finally got us a home that was more than we had ever expected. In this market, you truly need an expert if you want to find your home. Look no further!”

Diane O.

“To say that Anja and Colette are absolute pros would be a gross understatement. We considered several different realtors prior to our meeting with them, but after that meeting, it was no contest. A lot of realtors will show up and tell you what you want to hear in order to get the listing. Anja and Colette did nothing of the sort. They were sincere and to the point. They answered every question we had before and during the process and once we listed with them they showed up for every appointment and returned every call. They were diligent in promoting our property with everything from Broker Open Houses, an amazing property specific website, Ads in the Real Estate section of the newspaper, weekend open houses…the works. There was not a single thing I can think of that they didn’t provide. In the end they came through with what mattered most when selling a home…..We got top dollar for our home. From beginning to end, Anja and Colette steered us through the entire process all the way down the the very last signature. If it’s any indication, I’m in the real estate business and could have chosen from dozens of realtors. I chose them and would recommend them to anyone I know. If you’re looking for a realtor do yourself a favor and give them a shot. You won’t be sorry.”

Gus M.

“We very seriously cannot recommend Anja and Colette enough. They both worked tirelessly and professionally throughout the entire process of the preparation and sale of our home. Since they work as a team, one of them was always available for the many and varied transactions that take place during the complex (and sometimes stressful) process of selling a home. As we lived in our house for thirty-five years, our interactions were sometimes emotional and personal -. At such times, Anja and Colette graciously availed themselves to support us with warmth and professionalism. When we first interviewed Anja and Colette, they made it clear that they very committed to work for us. I will say that this statement truthfully and consistently exemplifies their work ethic. While their expertise and experience was proven to be invaluable, they invariably maintained an attitude that was respectful and responsive to our considerations. There was never a concern too big or small that they weren’t willing to thoroughly discuss or explain, and always with much consideration and patience. As time went on, we all that the sense that we were working together as a very well coordinated team. As the sale of our house was coming to a close, I remarked to the Escrow officer that our experience with Anja And Colette was so exemplary. She responded by saying, “they are good at what they do”! I wholeheartedly echo this statement.”

Leslie D.

“Anja and Colette are the epitome of professionalism. They attended to every detail of preparing the house for sale and for selling it. The house was placed on the market due to a loss in the family. Anja and Colette were sensitive to my family’s situation and made the process as smooth as possible. They also moved quickly as to not drag out this difficult situation. We sold the house for much more than we originally anticipated and to a wonderful family. Thank you Anja and Colette. I am going to recommend you to anyone I know who is considering buying or selling a home.”

Carla S.

“Anja and Colette have a rare blend of high negotiation skill and effective communication. I have completed both a sale and a purchase with them in the past few months. Here is what you should know- During the sale, they created a marketing buzz that produced multiple offers, and navigated the difficult process with decisiveness and professional ease. They truly took much of the stress out of what can be a difficult journey. In the purchase, we paid only what made sense to us, and they gave me the exact information I needed to make the decision an easy one. Their extensive network and connections to other agents through past transactions is an invaluable asset for any client. But don’t take my word for it, ask anyone who knows them! I absolutely will work with them again, and look forward to the experience.”

Abe W.

“Anja and Colette were exactly what we needed being new to the area from Austin and looking to find the perfect home for 2 kids, 4 dogs, close to restaurants, good schools, etc. They know Berkeley and Oakland areas inside and out, quickly determined the best fits for us, and once we found our perfect home, walked us expertly through the buying process. Finding and buying a home in the Bay Area can be tough, but it is much easier with these 2 on your side!”

Eric B.