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For Sellers

As experienced, seasoned professionals, we understand that your home is most likely your single most important investment. Knowing this, we have developed in the Grubb Co. the region’s most comprehensive real estate marketing program to effectively sell your home at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. We call it Performance Marketing and its success can be seen in the high volume of transactions negotiated on behalf of our satisfied clientele.

Each property we list is carefully analyzed for its unique selling strengths and individuality. Creative marketing materials are then developed that reach target market buyers. Our long and successful experience in our marketplace enables us to see marketing possibilities and to develop real solutions to marketing problems so that your homes sells as quickly and as profitably as possible.

We will carefully research your home with a property profile from the county, and the current comparable sales in your area based on size, location, bedrooms, baths, and quality of construction.

Then we will meet with you to tour your home and make recommendations to enhance your home’s sales appeal. We can refer you to trusted repair and renovation specialists and coordinate their work if you are no longer living at the property. And we prepare you for what to expect while your home is being marketed.

In the pre-market stage repairs may need to be made, a distinctive property brochure will be designed, sketches and pictures will be taken and creative staging of your home may be recommended. We will prepare a strategic Calendar of Commitment showing the key steps in the sales process, the estimate time to accomplish and necessary actions to be taken.

Implementation Phase

Only after the pre-market phase is completed does the crucial implementation phase begin. In this phase, actions are taken that result in the successful marketing of your property and the consummation of the sale.

During the first 30 days:

  • Placement of The Grubb Co. sign on the property
  • Tour of the property by all the Grubb Co. agents
  • Property brochure is distributed
  • Place in the Multiple Listing Service
  • List on the Internet and World Wide Web
  • Place key box on property (optional)
  • Begin marketing and advertising program

The Grubb co. marketing department has and extensive advertising program utilizing such newspapers as The Oakland Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, Montclairion, Piedmonter, Piedmont Post, Berkeley Voice, Real Estate San Francisco, San Francisco Business Times, selected Asian publications, the Wall Street Journal, and other appropriate high profile media.

A creatively staged broker open house creates interest, excitement and ensures your home is shown to maximize its appeal, benefits and feature.

Weekend open house with presence by both agents to field questions. All showings are by appointment and pre-arranged with the owner

Follow-up with open house visitors

Neighborhood mailing announcing new listing

Weekly sales meeting update and promotion

Discuss results of showings with all agents who have shown your house

Distribute brochures to local realty offices

Call the top selling agents in the Multiple Listing Service

Submit weekly activity reports in person or in writing

Qualify prospective buyers

Give seller copies of all advertising placed by The Grubb Co.

Review with the owner:
- Price
- Marketing
- Showings
- Financing for any necessary adjustments


Throughout The Listing / Process:

  • Seller is presented all offers and will be advised on best strategy to take
  • Seller receives escrow information
  • We will manage escrow process from opening to closing and supervises final details to help both buyer and seller
  • We will be present for all necessary physical inspections of the property
  • Our ongoing Service Excellence Program ensures all details are managed professionally and efficiently in order to make the transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible.